April 14, 2018

Art Bell can rot in hell

Art Bell can go rot in hell.
Unfortunately, there is no such place for him.

Bell, known as hosting late-night talk radio on paranormal and other topics, died on Friday the 13th.

Jokes aside, he was a major popularizer of a lot of pseudoscience. This included the idea that the government was manipulating our weather through the HAARP program and that it was conducting experiments on Americans through what looked like ordinary jet contrails but were really "chemtrails" of toxic substances.

Bell was a major popularizer of chemtrails.

(So, too, is Dennis the Menace Kucinich, which I had forgotten.)

My mom never did full post-stroke therapy and never was totally complaint about taking post-stroke cholesterol medicines, because she believed that chemtrails had caused what she often refused to call a stroke rather than her "arm problems."

So Art Bell can rot in hell.

So can Ohio Green Party chair Chemtrails Bob Fitrakis. And, it's not just Fitrakis. I don't know percentages, but it seems like Greens and Green-leaners in general are more ready to espouse a number of conspiracy theories than mainstream Republicans and Democrats. That said, on one in particular, antivaxxerism, they're joined by capital-L and small-l L/libertarians.

And, per Wiki, chemtrails conspiracy theory often led to others.

Please don't mention an actual government conspiracy found true, like the Tuskegee Airmen experiments, or the government spraying of zinc cadmium sulfate. Two wrongs don't make a right. Nor do photoshopped pictures, or other claims about airplanes. And, these other tests had records on file that were leaked or otherwise got into the public domain. If chemtrails existed, the same would have happened by now.

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