February 20, 2018

TX Progressives: Ready, get set, go vote

The Texas Progressive Alliance notes that early voting starts today.

Brains and Eggs has some early voting thoughts both for statewide and Harris County races.

Off the Kuff questions the assumption that Republicans have the advantage for November in Harris County.

It is understandable that the tragic events at Florida's Stoneman Douglas High School would dominate the current news cycle.   As we continue to mourn with them AND stand with them in calls for action, it's also important to keep up with developments in our community as well.  Texas Leftist shares news about the brave students of Houston's Austin High School, who protested the ICE detention of an undocumented classmate, just months shy of his graduation.  Is it truly the priority of our Federal Law Enforcement to persecute high school students who have done nothing wrong??  #FreeDennis

Lewisville Texan Journal talks about an area Democratic debate.

SocraticGadfly has some First Amendment and other questions about the Mueller indictments.

Stace is still sad that the local rodeo doesn't have any Tejano Music on GoTejano day. But San Antonio is having one awesome music fest in March with the  Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair Weekend. Because without Tex-Mex culture, politics is pretty boring.

Neil at All People Have Value said school shootings are an intended result of America's gun culture rather than an aberration. APHV is part of NeilAquino.com.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Brene Brown speaks truth to bullshit on gun reform. (Not from this week, but it was getting shared a lot this week and is certainly on point, so.)

Jason Pittman and Anita Ledbetter explain how Trump's tariffs on solar panels will affect Texans.

Juanita passes along a couple of primary recommendations.

Texas expat Elise Hu prepares for the Year of the Dog.

Texas Vox lauds the closure of more coal-fired power plants.

Jim Schutze calls Ken Paxton a tool of Satan.

The Lunch Tray highlights a class difference in how parents treat junk food for their kids.

Paul Battaglio, Doug Goodman, and Meghna Sabharwal voice concerns about how nonprofits are handling sexual harassment allegations.


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