SocraticGadfly: Rod Dreher, tripling down on the bigotry

February 23, 2018

Rod Dreher, tripling down on the bigotry

First, Sarah Jones nails the racism behind his backing Trump's "shithole country" comments.

Specific to one issue he raises? Dreher knows and ignores — or else is incredibly ignorant — that Section 8-type housing in metropolitan areas was built on a history of redlining and segregation. It was often that way in its USDA rural equivalent in small Southern towns, for that matter.

Second, Dreher hangs himself in accusing the NYT of pseudoscience on transgender issues. The reality is that this is the same Religious Right "established science" bullshit on gender identity that Dan Patrick peddles.

None of this is new, of course.

I've made a semi-staple of writing blog posts about Dreher's various bigotries.

Here's the last before my current one, which itself contains links to him defending Paula Deen's cringeworthy comments and other things.

Beyond that, per Sarah Jones, it also notes how much of an elitist he is. That's even more laughable, given that he's written before about how troubling in some ways his visits back to childhood Louisiana are. He has noted some degree of family distance, without apparently wondering that his family might see him as an elitist. (From what I've read, I don't think they've got so much problem with his other stances.)

Dreher strikes me as a version of Andrew Sullivan, moved about three Overton Windows right.

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