SocraticGadfly: Political polls and filings in the #txlege and more

December 18, 2017

Political polls and filings in the #txlege and more

Per the topmost of the politics-related polls here, Joe Straus isn't running against either Danny Goeb or Booger Cruz as an independent.

That said, he DID say he would stay active in Texas state GOP politics.


Gov. Greg Strangeabbott has already attacked multiple "Straus Republicans" running for re-election in the Texas House, and so far, JoeBob Straus has been silencio.


Updates on a couple of Dallas area races.

Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congressional wasted spot and halfway ConservaDem, is getting primaried by two Dems in CD-30. That's nice. Unfortunately, one of them is Barbara Caraway. That's "nice."

Carl Sherman looks to me to be the top candidate to replace Craddick hack ConservaDem Helen Giddings in state House 113. Let's hope he's a few degrees to her left.

Eleven Dems and five GOPers are running to replace self-disgraced Smokey Joe Barton in CD-6. Obvious runoff on both sides.

Brett Shipp, trying to trade in on his news name to run for Congress, has claimed that Medicare is one-third waste, fraud, and abuse. GOP bullshit from someone who voted GOP not once but more than once in the past. Brett was often good as a journo, but here's hoping he gets his ass kicked in the CD-32 Dem primary.

Kenny Marchant is facing three Dems, plus a Republican in the primary, in CD-24. Probably a sign the district is flippable.


In my current area of domicile, John Ratcliffe has one GOP primary challenger in CD-4 and not one but two Dems in that primary, surprisingly. I'll have more on Catherine Krantz (who seems to be above minimum candidate level, at least) and Lander Bethel in the future.

State Senator Dist. 2 Bob Hall, a true Danny Goeb level wingnut, has what should be a fun primary challenge from Cindy Burkett. She used to be a staffer for Hall's relatively sane GOP predecessor, Bob Duell. Kendall Scudder, who has struck me (in person) as a pretty progressive Democrat, is running unopposed on that side.

House Dist. 2 has semi-wingnut Dan Flynn, the incumbent, being primaried by real wingnut Bryan Slaton. Bill Brannon has filed on the Democratic side.


Per the other two polls? Turner wasn't visible enough to be THAT big a sheepdogger. Warren wins, by first not running, then not giving Bernie strong backing, on that poll.

Jesse, not Bernie, contra poll respondents, is the long-term top sheepdogger. (That said, give us another decade. With the hackery of the Sanders Institute, this could change.)

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