SocraticGadfly: In the name of god, go, Eddie Bernice Johnson #MeToo (update)

October 21, 2017

In the name of god, go, Eddie Bernice Johnson #MeToo (update)

Riffing on Oliver Cromwell's blunt dismissal of the Rump Parliament, Eddie Bernice Johnson needs to leave Congress now.

Beyond the general fact that she's part of a gerontocracy populating a fair-sized portion of both houses of Congress, by both parties, she now has entered the world of victim-blaming on sexual assault and abuse, and then tried to walk it back.

She's not alone on this. It's part of what is known as "just world belief," described in relation to women blaming women in this piece.

On the gerontocracy, she's only at the bottom edge, not quite 72. It seems longer for the time-server who has been in the House 24 years.

Kind of like the true gerontocrat, Dianne Feinstein in the Senate, she's a wasted space. She's a semi-neoliberal squish in what should be a more truly liberal south Dallas and south suburban Dallas district. That's My Congress ranks her on the edge between somewhat liberal and weakly liberal. GovTrack similarly puts here 100 or so spots below the most liberal House members. The former has her near Chris Van Hollen and the latter near Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (GovTrack also has her as a shade more liberal than Lloyd Doggett. Have to remember that next time I kick the Indivisble Team sheepdoggers.)

And, speaking of that, as I've blogged before, during my 9-plus years in the Best Southwest suburbs, which made up one-quarter of her district's population, she visited the burbs only once. And, that was for an Obama stimulus project ribbon cutting. And, as I noted in a second post, she or her staff apparently read either a newspaper column about that or my blog, and she paid a second visit. And, she's had a bit of grifting work in her Congresscritter time.

And, that's not to mention the seeming cover-up work for others' apparent grifting related to the Dallas Inland Port.


Update: Barbara Caraway is primarying her, along with one other person. Caraway would be even worse, if that's possible, both on her own, and her political connection with hubby Dwaine. Eric Williams, who ran as an independent in 2014, would be better than either.

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