September 11, 2017

Two lawsuit fails — one good, one bad

First, Sarah Palin lost her lawsuit with the New York Times, over a piece it did about her "gun targets" for certain Democratic congressional candidates shortly before Gabby Giffords (one of the targeted Dems) was actually shot.

Palin's a public figure, which makes the bar high, even in a news story. (Having blogged about Wendy Davis losing a similar lawsuit to the StartleGram, over op-eds, when she was on Fort Worth city council, I knew this would happen, contra "Cowfefe Owl Doctor" on Twitter.)

The second? Not so good.

Showing how much the American jurisprudence system is in the tank for the duopoly, the DNC fraud lawsuit was also dismissed. Some Sandernistas are rightfully appealing. If they lose, will they continue with their independent third party idea, ignoring the existence of the Greens?

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