September 13, 2017

Translating today's job description world, part 1

These are all based on various specific ads I've seen

1. "10 days PTO."

You mean I don't get 10 days vacation PLUS five (or more) sick days?

2. "Snacks provided."

Note that they are NOT provided for FREE. (This is from the same ad as above.)

Translation? "We have a vending machine."

3. "Pizza days" and "quarterly parties."

Is that all? Every job I've been at has done at least that. OK, we haven't had a "movie afternoon."

But, that might translate as "parent company mandatory webinar." (This ad is from Zip Recruiter, so, you know, I could be right.)

4. "Paid training." Rather than unpaid serfdom? This is a job you absolutely need to avoid. Any would-be employer puffing "paid training" as if it's a perk is a place from hell.


In turn, this stupidity shows why we need basic income — with the caveats that I have previously blogged about.

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