May 13, 2017

Poor butt-hurt Bernie Sanders

Mondoweiss has the details.

He lied about signing that 100-0 Senate letter that gave a blank check to Israel. He then lied about the content, and lied even more about the slant, of the letter. He then lied about drawing comparisons between Israeli and Palestinian actions.

And, he continues to call BDS evil.

On major issues of foreign policy, Sanders hasn't had an independent thought or idea outside that of the bipartisan foreign policy establishment since he decided he wanted to run for Congress as a fake Independent sheep in real Democrat sheepdogger clothing.

And many Berniecrats continue to get snippy, or per the header, butt-hurt, when Bernie's manifold problems on foreign policy issues are pointed out to to them.

Poor butt-hurt Berniecrats.

People who don't know this at all, and approach Green Party forums, I try to deal with politely, yet directly. Said people who then wave their hands and plug their ears?

Screw them.

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