March 27, 2017

If a tree fell on Greg Abbott, would he make a sound?

The governor of our Pointy Abandoned Object State™ doubled down on his normal level of wingnut Teh Stupidz this last week.

He told a Corpus Christi audience, and indirectly, the Texas Legislature, that he thinks it would be much better if the Lege passed a law, a blanket law, claiming the right to nullify any local ordinance with which it does not agree.

Abbott, whose antipathy to federal oversight of Texas stupidity is long known in his "I go to the office, I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home" comment from his days as the state's A(sshole) G(eneral), nonetheless thinks the state should do a far more draconian version of the same to its tens of thousands of home-rule cities and even more cities without home rule. Rather than individually fight Denton's fracking ban and Austin's nix on plastic bags, follow the Red Queen and "off with their heads"!

But Greg went even further.

When called out as a hypocrite, he said that ultimate control belongs with the individual.

So, no state tort laws for lawsuits, right, gov?

When a private individual has a tree that falls on a jogger, there's no need, nor should there be any recourse, for legal action, right, gov? (Ignoring that you've helped nearly eliminate that recourse already, along with the even more numbnuts state Supreme Court justices that Rick Perry found to follow on you.)

No multimillion lawsuits by an eventual state Supreme Court justice, AG and governor with a then-implacable hostility to such suits, right, gov?

(This ignores, of course, the whole issue of women having individual control over reproductive choices, doesn't it, gov?)

The StartleGram documents yet more problems Abbott's idea would cause.

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