March 30, 2017

#Hillbots vs #DevinNunes on #PutinDidIt

Subtitle for this brief post could be "Dumb Fuck and Dumber Fuck." And, the two protagonists could be flipped on which

Nunes has now clearly violated the everyday, real-world definition of ethics, whether he's violated any federal laws or not. And, we now have the names of Dumber Fuck-in-Chief's staff members who helped him.

On the other hand, you have the Guardian's US division, running light flak for Hillbots. Any time one has a story which links to a story in which Cuck Buchenwald, I mean, Kurt Eichenwald, figures prominently, you're probably skating on thin ice anyway. And, Spencer Ackerman, while perhaps not exactly a Hillbot, isn't outside the

And, on the third hand, in a sidebar, higher-ups in the Obama Administration may have kept FBI head James Comey from coming out in the open last summer about concerns he already had then.

Will Hillary throw a lamp at Barry next time they're both in Chicago, or next time she sees him kitesurfing with Richard Branson?

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