January 28, 2017

Trump vs. GOP, the law, the courts, whomever, or facts vs. #alternativefacts

An executive order from President Trump aside, the Congressional GOP is no closer to replacing Obamacare with anything else, or still even deciding to do that instead of a repeal only.

An executive order from President Trump aside, sanctuary cities (whatever the term means), per Supreme Court rulings, are likely on safe ground.

An executive order from President Trump aside, he's pulling in his horns, at least for public consumption, on the use of torture.

An executive order, followed by executive statement, from President Trump aside, there's no way Mexico is paying for a border wall, and, if businesses in Texas and elsewhere have any say, no way that a 20 percent tariff is going to be enacted.

Besides, putting a wall in along much of the Rio Grande would be difficult.

An executive statement from President Trump aside, there's still no real proof of voter fraud.

That's just off the top of his first week in office.

The executive orders may in part be flash to try to make it look like he's fulfilling campaign promises. What happens when they're blocked in court, delayed by international response, or in the case of Obamacare, made reality with a crappy replacement if any?

How long before the #TrumpTrain faces reality?

Possibly at least a full year, if even then. Cognitive dissonance is a real thing.

Unfortunately, during that time, we still have yet to fully see Trump vs. Congressional Democrats:

No idea how long that will take to change, too.

I've already predicted more Dems in the Senate will support Trump's first SCROTUS nominee than did Clarence Thomas'.

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