January 30, 2017

Ill Eaglez could build Trump wall

Mexican cement (above) could benefit from a Trumpian wall;
Mexican Ill Eaglez could wind up helping to build it — if it
ever comes to fruition.  (Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg)
The New York Times kicks the ball down the road on possible details of President' Trump's proposed Mexican wall.

One thing of note is that a US subsidiary of Mexican concrete giant Cemex could win bids for construction material. But, would the Mexican government force divestment?

The second, even more interesting fact, of little surprise to us in Tejas, is that illegal immigrants could be among those building the wall.
“If this wall gets built in Texas, there is a high likelihood that a significant bit of the work force will be undocumented,” said Jose P. Garza, the executive director of the Workers Defense Project, which supports low-income workers.
Ill Eaglez do more than harvest crops here in Texas. They do, especially in Texas' major cities, the bulk of residential new construction, especially carpentry, roofing, and cement foundation pouring. So, they're experienced.

Of course, this leads to several interesting spinoffs which, if broached publicly and followed up on by The Great Bloviator, could monkey-wrench that #fuckingwall, as former Mexican prez Vicente Fox calls it.

First is, what if somebody suggests that these Ill Eaglez could, as a "fifth column," actually build hidden tunnels beneath, secret doors into, or other ways around, the wall? Mr. Fox, I believe your Twitter account is calling.

Related, what if, say, the Zetas, actually get a few coyotes to remain, or else bribe or blackmail some of the coyotes' pollos, to do something similar for drug smuggling routes? With them being sly as needed, but suitably armed as needed?

OK, so The Donald says only verified American citizens can build the wall.

With Texas already at 90 percent of cement capacity, and lets say at 95 percent of cheap manual labor capacity, this would drive construction costs through the roof. That would mean that Texans would pay even more than the $120 a year that Trump's one idea, a 20 percent tariff on Mexican imports, would cost across the country.

So, Trump Train, how big of a crowbar do you want to stick in your collective wallets? And do NOT say "Mexico will pay."

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