January 24, 2017

Political kabuki theater, cabinet confirmation hearings division

I have argued over and over in this space for the desirability of moving the United States at least somewhat in the direction of parliamentary government. (A relatively simple way, with a couple of constitutional amendments, would be, 500 single-member-district House members, 250 national list House members selected proportionally to the presidential vote, 50 national list Senate members on top of current 100, a three-year term for the president with allowance for three terms, not two, and concurrent election of House members to three year terms, and half the Senate every three years rather than one-third every two years.)

And, then, get rid of the stupidity of cabinet confirmation hearings. Everybody up there who's a highly controversial nominee lies anyway. It's all kabuki theater, per the heading.

So, let the likes of a Prez Trump nominate these people, without confirmation hearings, and, without off-year elections, the GOP House would have to face the music. (Getting rid of midterm elections in general is part of the genius of my idea.)

And, that would be that.


Sidebar: I can tell Barack Obama one more time to go to hell. I didn't expect any pardons or commutation enlightenment from him. Then, he commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence.

That raised my hopes.

Which he dashed by leaving Leonard Peltier to rot in jail.


Traruh Synred said...

He didn't make standing rock a national monument either, thus letting Trump reverse policy on the DAPL. Ugh!

Of course he should give back the western half of South Dakota as by Treaty it blongs to the Lakota, etc. anyhow.

Traruh Synred said...

He didn't make Standing Rock a National Monumnet either, thus letting Trump revive the pipeline.

And there just been another pipeline leak in Canada today as Trump signs that executive order...