January 31, 2017

Boo hoo for LeBron; oh, and blame Lue not Griffin

Yes, Sir Charles doesn't want to be a role model, and yes, LeBron James was right about one thing in his rant, that Barkley shouldn't be a role model.

But, you know? Charles was right about the rest, and doubled down on it.

LeBron did push David Griffin to resign J.R. Smith for an overpay, which meant zero chance of keeping Matthew Dellavedova.

While LeBron didn't as directly push the resigning of Tristan Thompson for a likely overpay the year before, he didn't exactly discourage it, either. Ditto for Iman Shumpert, who if not totally overpaid, is halfway so. And hey, LeBron, why hasn't he picked up the slack better since Smith was injured? Delly's not great, but he's Shumpert's overall stats equal and can play the point better — for the same contract price.

And, for all that LeBron admires Gregg Popovich, Spurs players never laid on Pops or his GM front man, R.C. Buford, like this.

Meanwhile, have fun with Mario Chalmers (who I guess hasn't had enough LeBron abuse yet), Kirk Hinrich, Jordan Farmar or whomever.

The real question is why is Tyronn Lue playing LBJ this many minutes when we're in the middle of nowheresville in terms of the NBA season. LeBron, if you wanna get mad, other than yourself, THERE is your target. Seriously, we had all this talk of resting him and now he's leading the league in minutes.

And, whether you like the NBA salary cap or not, and whether you like the lux tax or not, they both exist and your owner didn't make money at Quicken Loans by running a loss, as he reportedly did big-time last year with the Cavs.

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