September 27, 2016

#Debate2016 — No. 1 was #DumbAndDumber

Good fricking doorknob.

Yes, I Tweeted about "Dumb and Dumber" last night.

I said Trump insults intelligence of people in general (Dumber) while Clinton insults intelligence of well-informed people (Dumb).

If you want a chess-match scorecard?

Clinton "won" with a gentlewoman's C-minus, to riff on  Shrub Bush and Hillbot extraordinaire Charles Pierce's calling him a C-plus Augustus. She did do some good Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope, but, she's the same semi-vacuous incrementalist, when discussing her own ideas, she's always been.

Trump "lost" with an F-plus.

I don't give him an F because he didn't always lie.

Biggest example? Yes, he was endorsed by ICE's union.

And, it's MSM gnat-straining to claim that his claim of being endorsed by ICE was a fib. As I told NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, I say that as both a Green voter and a media person myself.

I very likely won't watch the other two debates.

We've seen that Donald Trump is going to approach the debates as ... Donald Trump.

And that Hillary Clinton will be rope-a-dope Clinton because it's easy and defense-smart.


Within this actual debate, Trump told plenty of lies, of course.

And, Clinton told her fair share.

Beyond the "I'll be tough on regulations" likes designed to appeal to Berners dumb enough to buy, her biggest lies were in Russia-related cybersecurity issues. Beyond spreading the Manchurian candidate idea by indirect innuendo, she had a whole series of lies.

She claimed the U.S., unlike Russia or China, never commit cyberespionage, let along cyberwar.


So Stuxnet never happened?

See "Dumb and Dumber."

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