September 26, 2016

Berners who became Hillsplainers out of fear — or naivete

I've been seeing this more and more in recent weeks.

People who were ardent backers of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary and who even are semi-informed about the Green Party, pitching their tents and backing Hillary Clinton as soon as Bernie decided to do the same, and tarpaper over the Democratic shithouse in general.


On Effbook, a medical doctor who backs single-payer, and right now has a "no TPP with a slash" icon, but yet has claimed that Clinton's not a warhawk. (Never mind that Bernie is himself, as another story.)

Via the network of Texas progressive bloggers, someone who originally said that if he lived back in Ohio he'd vote Clinton not Green, but has now expanded it to here in Texas where he lives, despite Clinton's chances of success being totally undependent on Texas, and her having no chance of winning the Shiny Pointed Object State two weeks ago, despite fellating of her chances in a few corners.

Such people have two distinguishing points.

First, following Madame Slickster herself, they're operating in the politics of fear.

Second, per my header, they soon become Hillsplainers, working to explain away much of her history of wrongheadedness and wrongheartedness, and in the process, further showing the vacuousness of the word "progressive."


In other cases, Berners think Trump is much more a warmonger than Clinton. Wrong.

And, they think Bernie was much less a warmonger than Clinton. Also wrong.

Not totally wrong, but the man who lusted after F-35s for a decade and has yet to condemn the Hillary-backed coup in Honduras is less than pristine on foreign policy.

And Berners, especially those touting how edjumacated they are about him? Maybe they aren't.

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