May 11, 2016

David Brock doubles down on hypocrisy

Subtitled "Once a lying sack o shite, always a lying sack o shite."

The former hitman against the Clintons, now the hitman for them, has the hypocrisy to lecture the media, via Media Matters for America, on honesty in political coverage.

As the Daily Beast — NOT a conservative outlet by any means — notes here (and others have made similar observations), he and his various shell organizations have lied repeatedly about Bernie Sanders in this election cycle. If not outright lies, MMFA, Correct the Record, et al, have engaged in heavy "spinning" of the type Brock claims to worry about.

This is just the latest iteration of Brock working the refs. Any true liberal, let alone people like me who reject "liberal" or "progressive" for labels like "left-liberal," as both of the above have become more and more vacuous, should see this for the latest sack o shite that it is.

And, as Drumpf pulls ever closer to Brock's problem child, expect yet more bullshit like this.

You know the answer: Vote Green.

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