May 09, 2016

#Privilege and the #SJW world vs. population sociology

SJWs, for those not knowing, is "social justice warriors," about whom I've blogged repeatedly.

Privilege, for those not knowing, is a claim by SJWs that certain classes of people, just by virtue of being in that class, have "leverage" in the world over people in other classes.

Population sociology, for nonscientist types who didn't guess, is a sociological riff on population statistics, population genetics, etc.

For the wise, you may see where I might be headed, especially if you're a regular reader here.

I agree that, as a generalization of population sociology, it is likely that members of the population classes called "African-American," "Hispanic," "women," "gay and lesbian," "transgender," etc. are on average likely indeed to have privilege over "white" "male" "straight" "cisgender" folks.

Folks who have seen a photo of me, or met me in person, or whatever, know I'm white and can probably assume I'm male. Whether I'm gay or straight, or cis or trans, is none of your damn business. But, for the sake of argument, I'll assume that I'm straight and cis, and also show I'm cognizant enough to note this, whether any courtesy is extended back to me or not.

But, do I as white have more privilege than every African-American or Hispanic? Do I as male have more privilege than every woman? As putatively straight, more than every gay? As putatively cis, more than every trans?

Hell, no.

And, refusal to admit this — refusal to admit that population sociology doesn't translate to the level of individual people — is why SJWs are infuriating. And, as reverse racism is racism, reverse sexism is sexism, etc., they're all of that.

Take, say, Michael Jordan. He probably wasn't born with more privilege than me, but by the time he got a full ride to North Carolina, he was passing me. Far ahead now.  Or ... OJ. Had I done what he was sued over doing, though not convicted over doing, I'd have gotten life in the slammer.

Some African-Americans may even have been born with more privilege than me. Michelle Obama arguably is there. Sasha and Malia most certainly are.

Or take Hillary Clinton, since we're now in the territory of women, to focus on women of the same ethnos.*

She was probably born with more privilege than me. She certainly has more now.

Straight vs. gay? Don't know about at birth, but Elton John's got a lot more privilege than I do now.

Cis vs. trans? Caitlin Jenner.

So, SJWs, if you want a revolution, start by treating individuals as individuals more.

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