SocraticGadfly: #FeelTheBern got burned in an F-35 afterburner at the #GOPDebate by John Kasich

February 26, 2016

#FeelTheBern got burned in an F-35 afterburner at the #GOPDebate by John Kasich

The Swiss Army Knife clusterfuck
The former Ohio gov has a thing about the Swiss knife clusterfuck airplane. He, unlike the rest of the GOP presidential field, knows that's what it is, and isn't afraid to call it that, as he did last night, more politely, at the GOP presidential debate.

Kasich is surely in part just doing what he can to separate himself from the rest of the GOP playing field, along with his Compassionate Conservativism 2.0 playbook

The fact is, though, that Kasich is right: The plane sucks, as anybody who's honest about it and will talk about it knows.

Which led me to Tweet

For your info, Sandernistas, Bernie loves him some F-35s as part of military Keynesianism for Vermont. (Just like he's not a corporate socialist until it comes to dairy price supports in a Big Ag bill.)

Again, the fact is, Kasich is right: The plane sucks, as anybody who's honest about it knows. You know what else? Military Keynesianism also sucks.

But, ever since he graduated from Burlington Mayor to the House of Representatives, Sanders has become more and more a part of the bipartisan foreign policy establishment. That's why this piece in The Nation, about a possible Sanders foreign policy, is more aspirational than real, about what some people think Sanders should do, rather than what he would do.

Sanders had his clear chance at the Milwaukee debate to say he'd cut defense spending, for example, and whiffed.

So, let's be honest, and not project our own foreign policy desires onto an inadequate vessel.

Of course, if Bernie likes lusting after potentially crappy planes for military Keynesianism, there's a planned new bomber Boeing just unveiled.

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