February 23, 2016

"The kitchen sink" is indeed being thrown at Bernie Sanders (updated)

Hillary Clinton once talked of a "vast right-wing conspiracy." It was led by David Brock, the Baron Holstein-like spider behind almost every pro-Clinton PR flak group this year. And, it's working the mainstream media hard.

The New York Times is Example A.

• Latest? Claims from alleged "left-leaning economists" that Medicare for all will financially ruin America, and individual Americans. Tis true that none of the people it interviewed are working for Clinton. However, that doesn't mean they're left-leaning in any but the left-neoliberal sense.

Austan Goolsbee? Obama flak. Jared Bernstein? Flak for Senator MBNA. At least the NYT noted he was responding to Gerald Friedman's in-depth piece about Sanders' ideas. However, it didn't actually interview him. And, as Matt Yglesias notes, none of them actually analyzed Friedman's claims. They just batted it down as establishmentarians.

Yglesias himself talks to Dean Baker. And, there are some issues, tis true. It's based on GOP-type Rosy Scenario, a favorite friend of Ronnie Reagan's.

Speaking of, Matty notes well that Sanders' campaign is somewhat Republican-like in an ideological focus.

• More here on the Times' skewed, even shady, reporting.

• Thats followed by the Times running an op-ed by Mittens' 2012 chief campaign strategist claiming there's no real conservatives running this year. The idiocy that Obama is a wild-eyed liberal compared to Bill Clinton is only a little more worse than the idiocy that the Old Gray Lady thought this a guest column worth running.

• Speaking of op-eds, Paul Krugman long ago went swimming in the Clintonista tank. Charles Blow has now joined him.

And Doug Henwood has their number.

• Hillary Men, et al, attacking Sanders supporter Killer Mike for honestly saying "a uterus" (being a woman) doesn't, of itself, qualify one to be president. He, to his credit, is not backing off.

Roqayah Chamsedine further busts up the BS piñata about Killer Mike.

• Mark Kleiman, an alleged policy leader in changing the War on Drugs, despite that Sanders would be a better president for that, has been no holds barred at throwing Bernie under the bus.

• WaPost op-ed columnist Jonathan Capehart claims that a 1960s civil rights photo of Sanders isn't him, when it clearly is.

• Paul Starr of The American Prospect, slouching closer to Gomorrah every time he opens his pen, tries to claim that Bernie is not just a Scandinavian socialist (bad enough!) but worse, that he's to the left of them, a corporate socialist who wants to start nationalizing stuff. The fact that zero evidence exists for this doesn't stop Starr from screeding, though.

• Barney Frank (never THAT far to the left outside a hot-button social issue) is already looking to scapegoat Sandernistas.

• Activist Dolores Huerta is lying about being interrupted by Sanders backers. Given that she's been an in-the-tank Clintonista since 2008, yet an opportunistic suck-up to Obama, and years ago, willing to publicly use the word "wetback," no surprise.

• Bill Curry (yes, THAT Curry, long-ago FOB) talks in much depth about the mainstream media being part of what we should call "a vast neoliberal conspiracy."

• Heck, the MSM was throwing the kitchen sink after the first Democratic debate last October.

• Beyond the media, the Clinton family and allies are picking up their own kitchen sinks.

The lies about Clinton being for "health care for all" are too thick to even count.

Chelsea Clinton doubles down on being a kinder, gentler pit bull attack dog for mom, spouting new nonsense all the time and making herself into a poster child for a tougher inheritance tax.

And Daddy Slickster has called Sanders backers a left-wing Tea Party.

SEIU lied about Clinton supporting a $15/hr minimum wage.

• Meanwhile, tribal-type feminists continue to spread the lies.

• Hell, even Al Franken is a Clintonista — a second-rate comic now become a third-rate politician.

But, he's an insider now, and a sellout.

The new round of Clinton endorsements by superdelegates confirms that. The pull quote below is from the vice president of the Indiana Democratic Party.

Brains has more, and also discusses the "enthusiasm gap" between GOP and Democrats.

For me, the enthusiasm right now is not "Feel the Bern," as I've remained wary all along of his stances on foreign policy issues, military issues and guns.

But, I've long said that he's a useful cudgel to beat over the heads of Clintonistas and the Democratic establishment. And, I'm going to swing harder and harder the more the lies and smears are spread about Sanders.

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