SocraticGadfly: How many people have to get killed for flags to lower to half-staff? And for what reason?

December 05, 2015

How many people have to get killed for flags to lower to half-staff? And for what reason?

This is a question that deserves a good mix of both seriousness and serious sarcasm.

And, it's linked to Dear Leader's actions on Thursday, ordering flags lowered to half-staff in wake of the San Bernardino mass shooting, through Sunday.

However, no such proclamation was made after the Colorado Springs mass shooting.

Was it the 14 killed in San Bernardino vs. 3 in Colorado Springs?

Syed Rizwan Farook
In that case, our beloved Dear Leader, as the nation's "elected pastor," as the president is sometimes called, should give us a number.

Is 5 enough? Or is it 7? Or do we need double digits?

This will also help Muslims, or leftover Tamil Tigers, or other suicide attackers, to know how many to be sure to kill for extra publicity if they're going to do suicide attacks. (Which wasn't the case in San Bernardino.)

Or was it because the type of killers? Even before the possibility of San Bernardino being a "terrorist attack" was considered, we knew, at the time of Obama's proclamation, that the suspects had "funny sounding" names. Kind of Mooslim names. And, soon learned that they didn't have the purest of ethnic tones.

Robert Louis Dear Jr.
Names not like Robert Louis Dear, with his whiteness of skin, Christianist background, and good, Christian-based heart.

Who, of course, is not a terrorist. The FBI apparently isn't investigating his action as a terrorist act, since he was just following the video commands of the Center for Medical Progress, he's obviously not a terrorist.


Our president with less than pure skin and a funny-sounding name isn't afraid of calling a right-wing Christianist a terrorist, is he? He's not afraid of having Dear's act denoted as a terrorism-level action, is he?

I think the president needs to straighten this out, too. What type of purpose behind a mass shooting gets a flag lowered to half staff? Does anti-abortionism or other Christian right terrorism (since that's what it is) not count? Or is this again only a body count issue?

I mean, since we're averaging a mass shooting a day this year, we could just fly the flag at half staff all the time. Just let us know what to do.

And, Dear Leader, as you prosecute the War on Terra via the War with Drones, this would surely help civilians in Yemen. Or the staff of Doctors without Borders.

I presume that when the U.S. kills the "innocent," the U.S. flag never flies at half staff. But, what about the Yemeni flag? Or the UN flag for Doctors without Borders?

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