SocraticGadfly: #HillaryClinton dives deep into the world of dark money

December 04, 2015

#HillaryClinton dives deep into the world of dark money

The Sunlight Foundation, a well-known government and government-related group, has turned the bright halogens on Clinton and even more on her long-time chief factotum, David Brock.

I guess the vast right-wing conspiracy doesn't include moneybags in general, because a lot of money is coming to the Clinton campaign, and a lot of that lot is getting funneled through multiple storefront groups controlled by Brock.

By "storefront," I mean places all operating from one location.

One of the things the Sunlight report does is show that a lot of money is moving from one Brock pocket to another.

Another thing it shows is that a lot of these are 501(c)(4) groups, the groups allowed to mushroom by the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.

That said, while noting the Clintons claim they have moles inside Koch Brothers operations, Sunlight Foundation notes this:
The hilarious part (if you find dodging transparency hilarious) is that the group has an entire database for uncovering the money behind conservative causes, documenting spending from their 990s, and blogging about conservative donors, but it does not disclose its own donors on that website, or anywhere else. We reached out to American Bridge for comment on this, and will update this post if we receive anything from them.
 On that note: The foundation arm of American Bridge 21st Century has donated a lot of money to the Bridge super PAC, which does have to disclose its donors. In the first six months of 2015, the foundation gave $1.2 million to the super PAC. In 2014, they donated $2.5 million. That’s $3.7 million dollars funneled from the foundation to the super PAC in just the last two years — with donors safe in the knowledge that their names won’t be disclosed to the public.

I, of course, don’t find it humorous at all.

One of the most well-known to political insiders of Brock's outfits is Correct the Record. About it, Sunlight Foundation opines:
But Campaign Legal Center’s Paul Ryan has described the group’s activity as “creating new ways to undermine campaign regulation.”
Gee, shock me.

See, this gets back to Citizens United. Part of the Clinton apparatus didn't totally like it. But, part of it surely did. 

And, beyond moving money from one Brock pocket to another, other long-time FOB/H get their rewards too. Sid Blumenthal and James Carville are both paid more than $200K by original Brock outfit Media Matters for America.

Meanwhile, the misinformation put out by Brock acolytes and hangers-on like "Hillary Men" founders Tom Watson and Peter Daou continues to multiply itself.

One meme of these folks is that opposition to Clinton is driven by a bunch of misogynist men.

That of course ignores that people like me voted for Andrea McKinney in 2008 and Jill Stein in 2012, because, in reality, of course, there's only two parties in America: Republicans and Republicans Lite. It also ignores the great deal of women that dislike or distrust Hillary Clinton.

That would include the woman who make up a greater percentage of Bernie Sanders donors than Hillary Clinton donors. The Baffler looks at this in more detail.

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