June 10, 2015

#NBAFInals — Credit Blatt for #Cavs win and advice for Kerr

David Blatt
Cavaliers coach David Blatt did a better job down the stretch in Game 3 than in Game 2.

First, while not too successful, he did try to break the momentum on the Warriors' late run with, overall, pretty judicious use of timeouts.

Second, while not doing quite as I wanted on subbing out Tristan Thompson late in the game, whether for Timofey Mozgov more, or as I suggested after Game 2, Shawn Marion, who both this year and his career has shot above 75 percent from the line, he did get better with situational substitutions.

Bringing in Mike Miller for late-game ball-handling was smart indeed. Not just because of his skill in general, like on a couple of late inbounds passes, but because he, like LeBron, has played in multiple Finals before and knows the pressure. Expect to see more of this in close games down the stretch. (I still think he should try to get 3-5 minutes — no more — out of Marion.)

That said, for three quarters, another great defense by Matthew Dellavedova.

We saw Stephen Curry break out in the fourth, and I find out doubtful that Delly can play that much tough D and be that valuable on offense in future games. But, who knows?

For the Warriors? Doesn't Steve Kerr have to play David Lee more now? Not just, or necessarily, for Andrew Bogut, bot also maybe for Harrison Barnes, maybe in a small-but-not-too-small lineup with Lee at center and both Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala at hybrid SF/PF slots and the Splash Bros, Curry and Klay Thompson.

I think that's a lineup that opens up ball movement even more. And, on D, gives the Warriors multiple defensive options on LeBron.

Meanwhile, is Bill Simmons shitting bricks in silence during his negotiated early, and therefore cut short, entry into non-complete clause land? Because, contra guys like a "reflex" commenter on HBT, that's the only reason he's sitting right now — he had a non-compete clause, and even living in California, he figured it was enforceable, so he's taking a shorter hit now, rather than waiting until October.

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