June 08, 2015

Your dumb Facebook #meme of the week: "mysterious" #bankster deaths

Maybe at some point, I'll either unfriend more people on Facebook, or else directly confront more of their ideas, but for right now, I have the idea for a new, occasional, thematic blog post series.

This week, we address the idea that big bankers are supposed dying "mysteriously."

Supposedly, a whole 36 did so last year. And, we're up to 3 this year! So says ... Natural News!

And, hold your horses! Banks have $680M of life insurance on employees payable to the banks, not the families.

First, 36 deaths in a year in a business that employs as many people as banking? Not much more than stastistical error, whether mysterious or not. And, by that count, we should be up to 15 this year, not three.

Of course, when Natural News, or American Thinker (homepage, can't find exact link referenced) — an anti-medicine conspiracy site and a junior semi-wingnut conservative political site, respectively, are among your sources, you've got problems right there.

As for all that life insurance?

All sorts of companies across the US regularly take out life insurance on their employees as a corporate investment. For doorknob's sake, my small newspaper company has a policy on me. I don't know about Wall Street on Parade in general, but I suspect that it's into seeing conspiracies where none exist.

Worst of all, the person who posted all of this identifies himself as a rationalist, presumably meaning a skeptic.

You might want to start being more skeptical about yourself. (And, no, the links he posted didn't look like he was challenging their claims.)

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