May 15, 2015

Sen. Charles Perry vs. Cyndi Ortiz: who's hooking whom?

Cyndi Ortiz, aka Alana,
from her
Twitter feed
First, let us stipulate for the record that Texas state Sen. Charles Perry is a teaparty loving wingnut.

But, let us ALSO stipulate that "Alana," really known as Cyndi Ortiz, the stripper who has filed the restraining order against him, is also a teaparty loving wingnut, per what I've found.

Ortiz is a former political consultant, from Lubbock but working in Austin for at least some of that. That said, a Texas winger commentator, former Lubbock County GOP chair, says he blocked Ortiz in the past from emailing him. Won't say why but invites speculation. Ortiz now claims on Twitter that it was over just one email she sent him.

That said, let's first look more at her political consulting background.

LinkedIn says she ran the MacDaddy Campaign Network, apparently out of her own house.

And, she appears to have done some sort of legit work. And, sorry Dems, it was teaparty-favoring, per this letter from 2010. Mucus, Peggy Venable, David Barton, other "heavy hitters" in that crowd, are co-signers.

And, she did $200 of presumably legit campaign work for Odessa's Randy Rives, a perennial candidate for various state offices, the Texas Ethics Commission reports. It also says she contributed in the past to Lubbock Area Republican Women.

She's now saying that she doesn't necessarily agree with all views of clients. That doesn't answer her campaign contributions, nor her name on that teaparty letter. Nor does it explain why she's not worked for anybody short of the extremism wing in the GOP.

Charles Perry
On the other hand, Perry's spokescritter says this is not her first false accusation against Perry, and that he's not been her only target. She claims that she only sent Pratt one email. I find that hard to believe. She now says she had reason not to like him, he had reason not to block her emails.

Ditto for her claim that she now thinks any Twitter harassing by Dan Patrick was from a spoof account.

She now claims that she donated to the Congressional campaign of former Harry Reid staffer Tessa Hafen. Can't find that on the FEC — but, if it was less than $200, it's below itemization limits. I can find that yes, in Nevada, she donated to the National Republican Congressional Committee, twice, in 2005, at $250 each time. She is listed as a manager for Nevada Vascular. However, Nevada Vascular and Lymphatic lists no employees besides her, so it seems to have been a one-person sales operation. She is listed as currently doing medical sales as her day job.

That said, she's certainly not a political idiot to have mentioned Hafen's name. Why she was involved in this particular race, I don't know; maybe medical sales issues and Harry Reid? And, was she part of bundling, or of funneling, campaign donations?

But, while big biz types will donate to both parties, it would seem to me to be a big shift over four years from donating to a Reid staffer's rookie run to joining Mucus et al in begging the Texas GOP to not be RINOs but be full tea partiers.

On the third hand, birds of a feather flock together, and, if she helped Perry get elected? Note to Sen. Perry. I believe the old Texas phrase is: "You dance with them what brung you."

Riffing on her present work, have fun in the bed you two probably made together.

I'm also curious what's led Ortiz to her particular second job, if she's politically involved, and savvy. It's her choice not to answer, but, so far, she hasn't.

I'll stand by on the Texas Rangers investigation. If conducted honestly and thoroughly, it ought to be a doozy. There's a lot that we're still not hearing. And, while Perry may have some stuff he doesn't want heard, the same is possibly true of Ortiz. Per your signature on that 2010 teaparty letter, you too get to dance with them what brung you.

Speaking of, per his Wikipedia page, Perry was first elected to the Lege, to the state House, in 2010, knocking off octogenarian incumbent Delwin Jones in the primary, in a runoff, and doing so with strong teaparty backing. I have little doubt that animosity between him and Ortiz may start from this point or not too long thereafter.

If you want a snarky, innuendo-heavy, joking hot take, I've already done that. But, now, I'm curious as to what fire may be behind the smoke.

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