May 15, 2015

Rick Perry to announce that ..

He's running for 7th place in what will be a 9-person GOP field after he makes the first of his three announcements on June 4 in Dallas. The second will be on June 5, followed by one planned for June 6 that he will of course forget about and thus have only two actual announcements.

So, that part's snark. Finishing higher than 7th place?

Well, that would put him ahead of Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.

Going "meta," isn't an announcement of an announcement itself still an announcement?

Otherwise, I got nothing.

And, other than a half-empty bottle of back pain meds, neither does Rick.

Meanwhile, wife Anita is Tweeting out that:
(Gov. Perry and) I have been discussing the future of this great country and how our family can play a role.
I got your answer right here:
How can you "Play a role"? Double, or quadruple, his back pain meds? Then offer the same to the other eight GOP candidates?

Now, I got nothing, and neither do you or the hubster. Order more back pain meds. 

1 comment:

Katy Anders said...

Much like Clark Kent and Superman, now that he's got glasses I'm never going to connect him with that guy who ran for President in 2012.