May 05, 2015

Perry calls Abbott a wingnut over #JadeHelm15; Breitbart alums films #txlege

1. Yep, you read the header for this right. From your pots & kettles dept., Rick Perry is calling Greg Abbott a wingnut over #JadeHelm15. Is somebody running for president? Did Tricky Ricky double down on his back meds?

Congressman Mac Throneberry already questioned Abbott, so Ricky's got a bit of covering fire anyway. Not too much of a branch he's out on.

(That said, in this piece by a Bloomberg writer who doesn't even know Abbott's first name [sigh], the Trickster arguably schwaffles like he's at Perkins.)

Otherwise, if he does officially jump in the race — and he's getting pretty slow with the GOP now up to Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee — he's just got to look more statesmanlike, and less wingnutlike, than most of those folks.

Shit, I could do that in my sleep. Or on Rick Perry's back meds.

And, applied back to Perry is the old phrase: "Takes one to know one."

As far as Tricky Ricky running for Prezzy Wezzy, I think if he's not in by June 30, he's out. I've listed eight candidates above, and haven't even gotten to the (unlikely) Chris Christie, the vapid Donald Trump or others. The oxygen, and the money, are being sucked out of the GOP dance hall.

Question/provocative thought: Why isn't Kory Watkins and Open Carry Tarrant County on the Jade Helm patrol?

2. Speaking of wingnuts, a former apprentice to Breitbart non-documentary filmmaker James O'Keefe has decided to turn the camera not on alleged welfare cheats but on GOP stalwarts, in the possibility they're being wingnut cheats and not the real deal. Joe Basel promises a finished video project. This ought to be fun indeed. Will wingnuts implode, circle the wagons, or what? Will Jonathan Stickland asked to be filmed as a fetus, or what?

Question/provocative thought.

Will Basel start filming Perry next?

3. The Texas Railroad Oil-Loving Commission has promised to hire a second seismologist. But, will commissioners actually listen? It's dragged its heels in the past, but the pressure may be cracking up the ground beneath its feet, all puns intended. And the current semi-agreement still sounds like kind of a head fake.

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