May 03, 2015

Ben Carson to make #GOP equal-opportunity nutbars in 2016

Dr. Ben Carson/Wikipedia
Oh, goodo ...

Dr. Ben Carson, once justifiably famous for his surgery to separate conjoined (Siamese) twins, but over the last couple of years mainly famous for his brohate (another word for bromance, anybody?) of President Barack Obama, has decided to make sure Rand Paul and Ted Cruz don't feel alone in the Upper Wingnuttia province of the GOP 2016 presidential primaries by throwing his own hat in the ring.

He does have a compelling story of personal achievement.

That said, per his Wiki page, some of his old statements could haunt him.

Opposing for-profit insurers? Well, gee, the option to that is either people paying cash on the barrelhead or ...

Single payer national health care! (Hey, "Dr. Ben"? Health savings accounts really don't work that well.)

Dying with dignity? Gee, Sarah Palin would probably say that's a slippery slope to death panels.

Outside of that, though, he's a solid wingnut. He's compared gay marriage to the sickos at NAMBLA, and is totally in favor of a flat tax. (Again, if a flat tax is so great for individuals, why has no GOP politico ever proposed a corporate flat tax.)

Anyway, Ben's moment in the limelight is fleeting.

Carly Fiorina, after running HP into the ground, wants to show that, like George W. Bush, MBA presidents are usually clueless. She's announcing Monday.

And, Mike Huckabeester is going to through his hat cornpone into the ring on Tuesday.

I would say that Jeb Bush is loving this, the idea of a bunch of others dividing up the wingnut vote, but, speaking of bromances, if he keeps praising Charles Murray, he's going to lose that all-important black GOP slice of the primary electorate.

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