April 13, 2015

"Marco" .... "Rubio"

Like a kids' swimming pool game, we now have three declared GOP presidential candidates, with Marco Rubio now in the race. Well, semi-officially, until tomorrow. (And what's up with that?)

Sure, he's young compared to Hillary and Jeb, but not next to Havana Ted or Squirrel Hair. Nor next to Scott Walker, presuming he enters What else you got for us?

Cuban-American who speaks fluent Spanish? Get in line behind Havana Ted.

Middle ground in the GOP? Oh, far right instead of far far right? (Discounting that you've backpedaled from much of that middle ground.)

So, no, Marco, unlike the kids' game, nobody is gonna tag you GOP presidential nominee.

Nor am I going to tag you right now with your own personalized blog label.

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