April 12, 2015

'Hillz for the Thrills' in 2016? Are there any #ClintonEmails about this?

Well, Hillary Clinton is running, if not for dogcatcher of Utopia (hey, a contested campaign against Kinky Friedman!) then apparently officially for President of the United States, or something like that.

Unlike at least one person on Twitter, I'll have no problems defending Hillary against conservatives, because I won't be defending her in cases where she's been wrong. And, as in every other presidential election this century, should she get the Democratic nod, I'll be voting Green — and loudly talking about it on this blog. All while waiting for Clintonistas to shoot themselves and her in the foot. And again playing on Jeopardy in the "butthurt neoliberal Democrats" column when I point that out!

Contra USA Today at that top link (and, is our lamestream media, in part with ever-fewer non-foxes to guard the public trust henhouses, really getting this bad?):
Hillary Clinton formally launched her second presidential bid today, with a different approach from 2008 aimed at convincing voters through small-group settings that she has ideas for helping the middle class and the skills to govern.
Erm, no, this is nothing new.

It’s her old “listening tours” from her 2000 Senate campaign with shiny new packaging.

And, I'm glad that she has a campaign mission statement, and that she is telling me that she's for America, not Russia or China, and that she's telling the GOP she's FOR America and not against it.

And, probably, shiny new financing ideas, given what she's done in past political campaigns. Let's not forget, way back when, the Slickster and his $2 per pair tax deduction on underwear donated to charities. (No word on whether boxers or briefs are worth the same.)

Certainly, expect her to be a "New Democrat," which means a traditional neoliberal Democrat, as she's already shown on so-called free trade issues.

And on so-called "energy issues," Mother Jones says she became the new Dick Cheney.

Ergo, she won't be close to being Elizabeth Warren on battling Wall Street. Would you expect different, since these financial moguls, whether in the US or abroad, are of the type who cough up big donations to the Clinton Foundation?

Beyond that, let's not forget the magic name of Eric Hothem, former Clinton White House aide, IT guru, and reported general fixer, who's now the Hillz Clinton $25M moneybags at JP Morgan, and the guy running her secret email server.

And, learn here at MoJo about Robby Mook, her campaign manager. Allegedly, he's very buttoned-up, but can he control the likes of Hothem, Huma Abedin and others wanting "access"?

Is she "inevitable"? Poll numbers say yes, but Perry says maybe we should wait and see.

As for money, at least, remember that in various GOP prez contests, John Connolly and Phil Gramm were both "inevitable." Until they weren't.

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