SocraticGadfly: Give #GregAbbott one more movie texting

October 24, 2014

Give #GregAbbott one more movie texting

"Thank" Greg Abbott for interrupting your movie.
I blogged about Greg Abbott's "text me from the movies" idea when it first came out, but, since it's the last weekend before Election Day, he probably needs to hear it once more, as does the voting public.

I'm not a big moviegoer by any means. On average, a once-a-year guy at most, though I saw Lincoln twice.

That said, I can bitch along with anybody else about the growing blizzard of pre-movie commercials in the movie houses. And now, Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, aka AG Strangeabbott, has just given me more reason yet not to go.

Combine three barf factors:
1. Ads before movies;
2. Political advertising in general today;
3. People using cellphones at movies.

Anyway, here you go on Abbott's original pitch
In a new twist, Abbott is taking his campaign to the movies. He is running an ad in two dozen movie theaters across the state, playing on every screen a film is being shown. The ad asks moviegoers to text the word “FREEDOM” to the campaign. The effort is aimed at collecting information the campaign can use to identify and boost turnout in November.

This is also another post-Citizens United sign of a political system so damned swamped with money that candidates don't even know what the hell to do with all of it, other than inundate us even more.

That said, somebody, somebody, please text "FUCK OFF" to Abbott instead if you're at a movie.

I've called him AG Strangeabbott regularly, so either that or Dr. Strangelove is appropriate.

Or, if you want to send him more than text, send him Wendy Davis' "pull up the ladder" ad, which I blogged about and defended here:

Or, since the GOP is fond of the word so much anyway, maybe just text "no." Or, the overfried egg of War on Drugs PSAs, with "This is your brain on Abbott."

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