SocraticGadfly: 2014 Texas endorsements

October 20, 2014

2014 Texas endorsements

This is a mix of real and snarky for some of Texas' top races, and just in time for the start of early voting. So, buckle up!

1. Governor: Democrat Wendy Davis vs Republican Greg Abbott vs Libertarian Bat out of Hell Kathie Glass vs. the walking dead man formerly named Brandon Parmer on the Green ticket. Well, in some places, you can vote the dead, but nowhere can you vote for the dead, so Parmer is out. (Hell, maybe the Green Party should have continued with the idea of asking Parmer to not campaign, albeit for other reasons, since he didn't anyway.)

Libertarians are out in general unless they're somehow less nutbar than Republicans. (Whatever Libertarian runs against Ted Cruz in 2018 might just qualify.)

So, Davis vs. Abbott. Or ... another option yet.

Anyway, would Davis be better than Abbott? Yes, the left half of my tuchis would be better. That said, more seriously, she's run a campaign that's been a mix of disorganization, buttoned down by handlers and pandering rightward.

That "another option" is the one of not voting in this race. And, one that I may choose to exercise. It's likely not, but, I may.

Or, there's yet another option. Both the governor's race and the U.S. Senate showdown have write-in lines. I offered to write in Perry (blogging friend, not THAT Perry).

Here's an earlier overview I had of just this race.

2. Lite Guv: The GOP's Stinking Anglo Formerly Known as Danny Goeb vs. Democrat Leticia Van de Putte vs. Green Chandrakantha Courtney. (Libertarians, per the above comments, get no mention from here on out.)

Courtney is the choice. This is the highest-profile actual Green race. Besides, LVDP is running for the wrong office; what would have happened had she been the filibuster leader a year ago? (I know, she had a family death and other things; nonetheless, I get the idea she would have run a better campaign than Davis.)

3. Attorney General: The Dems' Sam Houston vs. the GOP's Ken (Not Yet Indicted) Paxton vs. Green Jamar Osborne. Sorry, Osborne, but calling bar exams unconstitutional because you can't pass one strikes you out. Besides, with his name, maybe Sam Houston can win.

4. Comptroller: Dem Mike Collier vs. Repub Glenn Hegar vs. Green Deb Shafto. 2010 gubernatorial candidate Shafto gets the nod. Collier would be better than Hegar, as would my left tuchis, but having worked for both Exxon and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as well as another oil company, is surely too conservative.

5. Land Commissioner: Republican George P.(lease, Not Another!) Bush vs. Dem John Cook vs. Green Valerie Alessi. I can't find any detailed info about Alessi online, in what should be a top position for the Greens. So, former El Paso Mayor Cook is a reasonable choice.

6. Ag Commissioner:  Green Ken Kendrick vs. Republican Sid Miller vs. Junior Republican Junior Samples (thanks, Perry!), aka Democrat, or "Democrat" Jim Hogan. A clear, clear choice. Democrats? Stop pulling the party line lever and vote for Kendrick.

7. U.S. Senator: Republican John Cornyn vs. former Republican and still Daddy Warbucks of David Alameel vs. Green Emily "Spiceybrown" Sanchez.

I still can't warm to someone putting a nickname, and one that's surely not a lifelong nickname, on the ballot. Besides, that particular nickname? How would Greens, or Democrats, particularly those of color, like to see a GOP candidate with the nickname "Brightywhitey" on the ballot?

On the other hand, her Facebook page says it comes from a poetry slam nickname. And, I've done a few slams myself. So, I'll say vote for her.

Beyond that, she and her nickname have now been profiled by the New York Times.

8. Texas Railroad Commission: Republican Ryan Sitton vs. Democrat Steve Brown vs. Green Martina Salinas. Unfortunately, on what should be another high-profile race for Greens, based on their environmental background, the party has a weak candidate. Salinas specifically seems weaker than Brown, who seems on the liberal side of Texas Dems in general, on fracking-related issues. Vote Brown.

9. Judicial endorsements: Charles Waterbury, Supreme Court Place 7; Jim Chisholm, Supreme Court Place 8; Judith Sanders-Castro, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4; George Joseph Altgelt, CCA Place 9.

These are all Greens running for spots where no Democrat is on the ballot. Make sure to vote these spots to keep Greens having a partywide ballot line in 2016.

Besides, per a post 10 days ago by friend Perry, Democrats need a kick in the nads at times anyway.


Finally, besides candidates, there is one constitutional amendment on the ballot.

I urge a "no" vote on Proposition 1. It's not that I fear the Rainy Day Fund being bled dry for transportation needs.

Rather, I see this as further encouraging Republican bad behavior on refusing to be willing to pay adequately for an adequate level of services in Texas.

Dear Texas GOP: You want better roads? Fine — dedicate 100 percent of the state gas tax to roads and other needs. If that's not enough, then, do what the feds also should be doing. With more fuel-efficient vehicles, raise the gas tax.

If not dumping any of the gas tax in the general fund means other things are getting shortchanged? Well, then it's time for you to start being honest with the Texas general public, isn't it?

I have now extended the Vote No on 1 thoughts into a separate blog post.


Kenneth K said...

I humbly thank you for the endorsement. I know Martina has also worked hard has huge opposition to the fracking take over. The Lt. Gov spot is such an important position, I do hope people see the light on that one. As the Dept of Ag Race has seen a (R) spend over a Million and not make it, and a (D) use an unusual method and make it, anything can happen on any race this cycle. I think it is the start of the winds of change bet we are in it for the long haul after this cycle also. Once again thank you!
Ken Agriculture Commish Candidate.

Closinhtown said...

Have to disagree with Shafto for Comptroller. I vote no one on this one. There is no current info on Shafto anywhere on the internet.

If they can't bother to put that out there, how can I take them serious?

I also have to withhold my vote on Ag Comm. Sanchez has a fb page that says little to nothing. Green Party of Texas is just weak. They're not a serious branch of the party.

Gadfly said...

I can halfway buy your argument on Shafto. That said, within the party, at least, she ran for gov 4 years ago, so has some previous recognition.

Sanchez is running for Lite Guv, not Ag Commissioner. You might want to re-read this post, your official ballot, or both. Because, if you're not voting for Kendrick for Ag Commissioner — a person who has his own credibility, as well as web and FB presence — because you're screwing up what you're reading, you've got other problems!

If it helps, I'll boldface the ballot lines, but I did already give them separate numbers.

Not arguing that the Green Party isn't great, or that it can't up its game more.

Gadfly said...

And, I'll add one other thing to Htown. Some of the "weak" applies to Texas Dems, too.

The Democratic contestant against Bill Flores in my U.S. House district doesn't even have a website. Again, that's a Dem, not a Green, and a federal, not a state, office.