September 02, 2014

Not so fast, Reds fans on Billy Hamilton as NL Rookie of the Year

Sure, his base-stealing has made a big splash, and he's a pretty decent (but not yet fantastic, Reds fans) defensive center fielder, but, is Billy Hamilton a lock to be named Rookie of the Year in the National League?

Not yet, not in my book, which, I'll admit, is partially a "homer's" book on this.

Hamilton's splits show that he's starting to fade in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, a certain St. Louis second baseman, guy named Kolten Wong, started playing a bit better after coming back from Memphis, then better yet after coming off the IR.

Jacob deGrom is the third candidate with a realistic chance. He's continued to be solid all year, arguably getting a bit better as the year has worn on. I think David Peralta's relative lack of appearances will hurt him. Ditto for Gregory Polanco getting sent back down and Chris Owings' injury apparently knocking him out for the year.

Anyway, this isn't a great crop of ROY candidates overall.

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