September 04, 2014

Green Party disorder

Per friend Perry, the Green Party USA's list of Texas Green Party candidates is sadly and highly incorrect, as this spreadsheet list he created shows.

I sent the national party Perry’s list of Texas Green Party candidates on Tuesday. I wonder if anybody from the Texas Green Party has done so. Per the amount of snark I’ve director toward the absentee candidate for governor, Brandon Parmer, probably not.

And, it's Thursday, and that GP list still ain't updated. Wonder if the state party knows it's wrong, too. Probably not.

As Perry said:
I love the Greens and what they stand for, but sometimes their level of competence really tries my patience. 
Couldn't say it much better myself. 

At some point, if you are both serious and idealistic about wanting to be more than just a protest vote, you have to build organization and recruit better candidates to make that happen.

Also, to riff on the link inside the pull quote from Perry?

Reality-based applies to more than just climate change and opposing wars. It includes not being anti-vaxxer or things like that.

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