September 04, 2014

New #TigerWoods still the old Tiger? #RyderCup realities

I had blogged recently about how Tiger Woods' decision to sit out a couple of months, and his decision to withdraw himself from Ryder Cup team consideration.

Well, hold off on that.

First, we know that the reason Tiger is sitting out until December is not just injury, but also the search for a new swing coach, or else the search for how to recraft his swing without outside help.

Second, TW didn't call Tom Watson to scratch himself from Ryder Cup competition; Tom called him.

That said, Tiger was the one who bit the bullet when Tom called it seems. Of course, with Tom calling, he probably realized that he was going to have to bite the bullet because Tom had gun in hand and trigger finger ready. The way Woods' team (Mark Steinberg and "the kid") phrased their press release, it seems clear they were trying to fog things up, but not so much to get too harshly called out if Watson was asked to comment later on, like he was.

I'm shocked, I tell you.

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