August 19, 2014

Texas GOP comments on Rick Perry indictment

Perry even has his Shrub Bush smirk after turning himself in today/KXAN
The indictment of Rick Perry on two charges related to his vetoing state funding for the Public Integrity Unit that runs out of the Travis County District Attorney's Office is approaching being a possible litmus test of party unity and loyalty within the Texas GOP. Here's what some top Republicans said:

Greg Abbott said that he would sue Rosemary Lehmberg and Michael McCrum as soon as he got done suing President Obama's EPA for its common sense in wanting to make sure Texas has an adequate supply of clean water. He also promised to sue Ag Commissioner candidate Ken Kendrick for free if he makes water quality and safety part of his campaign.

Ken Paxton said that, given the criminal ethics complaint filed against him he obviously agreed that Perry's indictment was politically motivated. He then said he was setting up the Rick Perry Mutual Fund Legal Defense Fund as an investment vehicle.

Wendy Davis, aka Wendy O. Williams, said “These allegations are troubling and I have confidence in our justice system to do its job.” This statement, seemingly coming from the allegedly Democratic gubernatorial candidate's latest attempt to track rightward, had at least one pundit wondering if she had left her ovaries on the floor of the state Capitol a year ago.

And, continuing in a serious vein, I disagree with the likes of Harold Cook who say this should be her stance. No, she should be "belling the cat" and doing all she can to link the backstory of this to Abbott.)

David Dewhurst started silently praying for a massively quick trial, hoping he could be governor for a day, then crossed his legs to hide the results of that thought from the general public.

Joe Straus said he agreed with what Wendy O. Williams had said.

Dan Patrick, aka The Stinking Anglo Formerly Known as Danny Goeb™,volunteered to find out if Lehmberg or McCrum had any Mexican ancestry, or friends, or had eaten tacos in the last month.

Ted Cruz said this was part of Agenda 21 and that as Texas' leading voice in Washington, he would defend all of Austin's golf courses.

Michael Q. Sullivan said he had $10,000 reasons from the Texas Ethics Commission this was all political.

John Cornyn wasn't sure whether he should get lost in the shuffle or not.

Louie Gohmert was inarticulate, as his CRS had advanced to Stage 4 and therefore his larynx was about at his appendix.

Jerry Patterson said he had first dibs on any of Perry's guns if he were convicted.

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