August 19, 2014

Rick Perry's indictment vs. Barack Obama's abuse of powers

For Republican friends (and family members) who think Texas Gov. Rick Perry is being indicted for pure politics, and who claim that President Barack Obama engages in abuse of power (more on that in a second), I extend an analogy that I posted in brief on Facebook.

Let's look at the Department of Justice's "Fast and Furious" gun-selling snafu by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (and Explosives, except still-unregulated ammonium nitrate fertlizer plants).

There was some legitimate grounds for investigation there, unlike Benghazi, or the IRS allegedly, but not actually, specially targeting conservative 501(c)4 groups, etc.

Let's say, in the midst of this, that the annual bill to fund Congressional operations came up, and with a rider specific to funding the Speaker of the House's office. Let's say John Boehner had a DWI, and Obama said he was vetoing the bill unless Boehner stepped down in favor of some junior, non-Tea Party GOP Congressman. (Yes, they're few and far between, but indulge the analogy.) Let's say he promised to restore part, but not all, of the funding if Boehner did this.

That's what Rick Perry did. Well, not exactly, but it's a reasonable enough analogy.

Now, has Obama abused his power?

Of course, but in ways that Republicans loved when George W. Bush was president, and at least tolerate with Obama. Expansion of NSA snooping. Using drones to kill American citizens without due process. Expanding drone warfare in general.

GOP's OK with all of that, generally speaking.

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