SocraticGadfly: The capitalist GOP becomes socialist over 2016 confab

July 08, 2014

The capitalist GOP becomes socialist over 2016 confab

This time, it's over the 2016 Republican National Convention. The party is tagging Cleveland ahead of Dallas as its choice.


It thinks that a Dallas convention might leave it holding the bag on cost overruns while, per the story, Cleveland will cover the whole shebang.

That's called socialism, specifically, corporate socialism.

Beyond that, two other points.

One, if this is such a worry of the RNC, does that mean that political conventions are like the Olympics — money-losing blood-sucking leaches? Why would any city vie for the dubious honor of hosting one, in that case?

Two, if this is what normally happens, why would a somewhat struggling Rust Belt city like Cleveland seek out this dubious honor?

Beyond this, I'm going to be disappointed at not seeing Ted Cruz become combustible on a national stage in his own backyard. 

And, maybe that's the real reason the RNC doesn't want to come to Dallas. It wants to keep the crazy aunt wingnuts halfway in the attic. Could you imagine Open Carry Texas showing up at at Dallas convention? Reince Priebus would crap his pants.

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