April 03, 2014

GOP nuttery on Fort Hood shoting starts

Yes, I know the specter of Maj. Hidal Hasan hovers over the April 2, 2014, Fort Hood shooting.

But, no, Rep. Mike McCaul, Fort Hood is not likely becoming a jihadi hot spot for terrorists.

Rather, as the war in Iraq winds up (we think) and the one in Afghanistan lessens, but continues, Fort Hood will instead become a hot spot for more veterans like Ivan Lopez, suffering PTSD, possibly linked to a traumatic brain injury, and shoddily, cheaply treated by our government because of largely GOP rah-rah Congressional warmongers like you.

Yes, per the NYT's story, there was also a foiled 2011 attack, but that was three years ago.

Let's focus on the actualities we know. And they are that Lopez was treated for PTSD and may have had a TBI. And, instead of foaming over something unlikely, let's ask how we can prevent more Ivan Lopezes by:
A. Getting better treatment for the ones now;
B. Not going into more stupid wars with "the army we have now."

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