April 03, 2014

Coming soon: The #GregAbbott Pal of the Month club!

Given that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has moved from palling around with pervert-lite Ted Nugent to known racialist Charles Murray, he obviously needs the help of We the People to pick his pals and best buds.

Hence, the title of the headline.

My first suggestion?

If Abbott wants to overcome the foot in mouth on equal pay for women that he and most other Republicans have, make a brazen pitch for minority voters and try to play havoc on the Democratic side of the fence, why not pal around next with LaRouchite nutbar Kesha Rogers as part of her Senate primary runoff against David Alameel?

He could then follow that a week or two later by palling around with Daddy Warbucks Alameel and try to get some campaign donations from him.

After that? Well, Abbott needs to bid for even more of the Religious Right vote. Given that Pat Robertson just called Jews "diamond polishers," he seems perfect.

So, send your nominations in.

Oh, and thanks to Perry; this post kind of inspired me.

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