December 05, 2013

Texas Greens get statewide candidate

And, it's not even for a court position.

Rather, per P. Diddie, Kenneth Kendrick, who years ago was warning about contamination at Texas and New Mexico peanut processing plants, is running for ag commissioner.

Details, from his campaign announcement:
Kenneth Kendrick, whose warnings went unheeded about the potential for contamination at peanut processing plants in Plainview, TX, and Portales, NM, has filed papers to become the Texas Green Party candidate for Agriculture Commissioner for the Lone Star State.
Kendrick once worked for the now-defunct Peanut Corporation of America, which ran a peanut processing plant at Plainview, and, on occasion, purchased peanuts from Sunland, about 100 miles west in Portales.

PCA went bankrupt after the 2008-2009 nationwide Salmonella outbreak killed nine people and sickened about 700. Four of its top executives are scheduled to go to trial early next year on a total of 76 federal felony counts related to the outbreak.

Sunland filed for bankruptcy more recently following a separate 2012 outbreak traced back to peanut butters it made. Some say it’s possible that, if Kendrick’s information had been more thoroughly investigated, both outbreaks might have been avoided.
Great, great, great. A real choice who will not only speak to small farmers and ranchers, but directly challenge Big Ag corporatism, which I doubt either Republican or Democratic candidates will do.

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