SocraticGadfly: CPRIT exec indicted — now #WendyDavis has a non- #abortion campaign issue

December 06, 2013

CPRIT exec indicted — now #WendyDavis has a non- #abortion campaign issue

Here's your nut graf, all nice and neat:
A Travis County grand jury has indicted Jerald “Jerry” Cobbs, an executive at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas who was involved in the awarding of an $11 million grant to a Dallas company without the required scientific and business reviews.
I have said all along, that to reach out to moderate Republican and independent suburbanite voters, in her battle against Greg Abbott, that Wendy Davis needs more issues than one or two hot-button Democratic social issues, because a lot of those suburbanites are at best, indifferent to the pro-choice issue and in many cases, beyond that, are pro-life.

Well, there's the issue.

Point blank. Greg Abbott as AG has repeatedly given CPRIT clean bills of economic and auditing health. This is a good governance issue that, with scandal as part of it, resonates with voters.

But, she needs to jump on this.

There's another. P Diddie has mentioned recently how many gas pumps in greater Houston are inaccurate — as many as one-third. That's Ag Commissioner Todd Staples' baby, and don't forget, he's one of the Three Blind Mice that wants to overthrow Dudley Dewless as Lite Guv. Add in that, if the pump inspection issue is anything more than just lackadaisical work standards at the Ag Department, it's Abbott's job to investigate.

But, again, Davis needs to jump on this.

And, all Dem candidates for statewide office need to be singing from this same play book. (Well, John Cornyn challengers will have a different one, as his is a federal office.)

But, again ... every Dem running for a statewide office needs to speak. Now.

Even more, any Greens announced for, or planning, statewide runs.

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