October 31, 2013

Texas whackadoodle's bid for Detroit Packard site rejected

I had heard recently that an old, long-abandoned Packard manufacturing plant in Detroit had been put up for sale by Wayne County, Mich.

I hadn't heard about the winning bid, which has now been rejected by the city for its principal, Dr. Jill Van Horn, and her associates missing a payment.

But, let's take further look at that bid, and the person making it, via her professional website.

I'm venturing, given this from her statement on winning the bid:
Prior to placing her bid on the Packard Plant, Dr. Van Horn's prophecy was to resurrect Detroit by providing education, jobs and vocational training to the city's residence, simultaneously unplugging the financial arteries of the city.
Plus this, based on Peruvian hypercapitalist economist Hernando DeSoto:
Although the process to convert the potential energy in the water into electricity is well known. The one that gives Detroit's assets the form required to put in motion. More production is not known, in other words while we know that it is the pin stop, turbaned, generators, transformers, and wires of the hydro-electric energy system, that convert the potential energy of the lake until it is fixed in a  accessible form. We do not know where to find the key process that connects the economic potential of that Detroiters can benefit from.
As combined with her medical ideas and her first-person plural talk on her website, that Dr. Van Horn is either a New Ager or a prosperity-gospel Christian of an envelope-pushing form. 

That said, given how wacky her press release was, plus a simple use of teh Google pulling up her website, why was her bid even officially accepted in the first place?

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