October 30, 2013

#Alamo: Jerry Patterson has to calm down the #Agenda21 nutbars

Not satisfied with Agenda 21 conspiracy theory mongering, the latest from Texas Tea Partiers is apparently to claim that if the Shrine to Texas Mythology gets on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the UN flag will fly over the site.

No, really.

Tea party favorite, Land  Commissioner Jerry Patterson, running for lite guv, is having to call out people nuttier than himself. From a General Land Office PR email:
Despite spectacular and erroneous reports to the contrary, the Alamo is not being turned over to the United Nations — or anyone else for that matter.

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson today attempted once again to let Texans know that if the Alamo and the other Spanish missions in San Antonio are added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Alamo will remain entirely under the control of the state of Texas and the Texas General Land Office.

Responding to a media report that the UN flag will fly over the Alamo, Patterson responded bluntly: “Horse hockey.”

Patterson reiterated that a World Heritage Nomination will not change authority, jurisdiction or ownership of the Alamo or any of the other Spanish missions.

“Some folks might think that getting on this list means the UN has some sort of influence at the Alamo. Those folks must not be from around here,” Patterson said. “The people of Texas own the Alamo now and in the future.  Nothing is going to change that.”

“My legal team at the Land Office has reviewed this.  I have personally met with the National Park Service staff working on this nomination and I am absolutely satisfied that a World Heritage Nomination will have no affect on the Alamo other than a possible increase in foreign tourists.”

Patterson said the World Heritage Nomination is akin to the National Historic Landmark program operated by the National Parks System.

“Just because the Alamo is a National Historic Landmark does not mean the federal government owns the Alamo,” Patterson said.  “It’s a tourism designation indicating it’s a place of historic significance.  That is all.  Same goes for the World Heritage List.”
Note to Jerry: If the dogs you run with have ticks and fleas, don't blame anybody else when you start itching and scratching.

I'm sure Patterson's looking for the right photo op to defend the Texas flag at the Alamo while whipping his boot-holstered pistol out.

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