October 23, 2013

Giants inhale, give Lincecum $35M out of dime bags

What the hell? Tim Lincecum, the former San Francisco Giant ace fallen to mere mortal the last two years, gets a two-year contract for $35M? When he had been talking himself about a short-term contract to rebuild his value, the Giants pay him more than he was surely expecting.

Yes, he was better this year than last year. My left kneecap would have been a better pitcher than him last year. And, this year even, he still had a negative WAR.

Off the top of my head, I know two people just as happy as him, though, if not happier. Max Scherzer. Clayton Kershaw.

Gentlemen, enjoy your pending massive new contracts, whether with your current teams or elsewhere.

And, since the Freak's new deal has a no-trade clause, the Giants had better hope he pitches better than the last two years. If not, they've got a Barry Zito Jr. on their hands, albeit for a shorter term.

I maybe could have seen 2/$30, though if I were Giant GM Brian Sabean, I would have started even lower.


Anonymous said...

The heading could not be more correct. What was Sabean smoking? I would not have gone anyway near this amount but rather 1 yr/$10m TOPS with a team option for a 2nd year. And even 1 yr/$10m seems high for the production you've gotten over the last 2+ years. I guess when you're just so elated that you're no longer paying Barry Zito stupid money that you go a little crazy!

Gadfly said...

Well, I thought that 5/$90 was a bit of overpay for Hunter Pence, though not in this neighborhood of overpay.

That said, the Pence deal indicates that there will be interest in Beltran, so the Cards can give him the 1-year tender offer.