October 20, 2013

A cuture of laziness: Some observations

Two incidents last weekend at my apartment complex led me to the idea for this, which I will make into an occasionally updated, ongoing post.

In a modern America where obesity, type II diabetes, and poor cardiovascular function are on the rise, laziness is not just the opportunity for a cheap joke, but a serious concern. Ditto since more health findings indicate that if we actually will engage in at least brief physical activity from time to time, we can also lower stress levels.

That said, here goes:

Oct. 19, 2013: First instance? Guy in my apartment complex puts two kitchen trash bags in his SUV, then drives to my small apartment complex's Dumpster with them rather than walk 90 yards, if that, round trip. Even if he was driving somewhere else immediately after, the exercise still couldn't hurt. Nor could the not wasting gas.

Second instance? About 5 minutes later, a woman drives into the parking lot, and rather than go to the parking space in front of her unit, then walk 20 yards round trip, she stops her car in front of the mailbox complex (without shutting it off) and gets her mail.

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