October 23, 2013

Help a poor journalist find a new job

Updating this from 2011. I'm not keeping it quite as anonymous as then, but I am pretty much doing so. (I reserve the right to change my mind at some future point.) Nonetheless, for regular readers, and "drive-bys," I have more than a decade of experience, including copy editing, assignment editing, writing news, features, op-eds and more, desktop publishing, photography, etc. I am interested in a variety of communications positions, that is public relations and broadly similar work..

SUMMARY: Whether you need crisp, clear, concise news releases, in-depth presentations, branding or similar writing, brainstorming and idea generation, web and social media outreach, a PowerPoint or public speaking, I have the experience you need — award-winning experience.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: I have than 10 years of award-winning editing, writing and design experience, including researching information, analyzing and defining needs for story focus, creating and selling ideas via persuasive informational writing, managing and multitasking projects. I have additional experience with website content management and the use of various social media. Among my other skills and experience are desktop publishing, photography and photo editing, volunteer marketing and public relations.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Persuasive communications: Editorials work — I helped defeat a school bond issue shortly before the housing bubble hit, saving suburban Dallas taxpayers major headaches and money. Public speaking: Whether it’s serious, straight or a bit of both, I hit the style of speaking needed for an audience and event. Analysis and Research: I have conducted fact-finding, research and conclusions for detailed investigative news stores; as part of that, I know what facts are important and what are not, and what facts capture attention and what don’t. New Media: I have both personal and professional experience and thoughts to offer. A Tweet — that’s a newspaper headline in new format. Facebook involves branding, customer service, marketing and more. Blogging and in-depth website posts offer ways to communicate in detail.

Quark   Photoshop  • InDesign  • Office • Video • Web content  • Social media • QuickBooks

--> Editor and publisher, September 2012 — community weekly paper
• Edited one weekly, plus oversaw a second as publisher of both
• Developed advertising plans and strategy; sold ads with ad salesperson 
• Improved customer service at newspaper
• Helped develop sales and revenue budget
2. Managing editor, semiweekly paper plus multi-paper lifestyles section, December 2011-September 2012
• Managing editor, semiweekly, plus of weekly lifestyles section that went in that paper and two others
• Managed two staff writers, two other editors
3. Copy Editor, September 2009-December 2011, seven-day daily paper
• Led editorial office on Sundays as slot editor
• Managed other copy editors as needed 
• Helped paper win state awards
• Assisted in exceeding company profit-sharing goals
• Edited stories, wrote headlines, desktop published
• Significantly improved on-time publication percentage and profit-sharing bonuses

4. Managing editor, Group of suburban weekly papers, Sept. 2007-July 2009, (Same company as job 4)
• Managed group of newspapers 
• Oversaw consolidation of newspapers
• Directed staff writers and freelancers
• Improved and increased social media use
• Edited, updated website content    
• Marketed newspaper operations to public
• Wrote, edited, desktop published  
• Participated in various civic groups

5. Managing Editor, community weekly, Jan. 2007-Sept. 2007
Hired as editor of weekly to start 2007. Management responsibilities include one full-time staff writer and 10 freelance correspondents. Otherwise, personal work similar to newspapers below.

6. News editor, later assistant managing editor, group of suburban weeklies, up to Dec. 2006
• Assisted in redesign of newspaper     
• Improved publication timelines
• Won numerous state awards           
• Named top regional journalist
• Served on Chamber of Commerce   
• Led city government board

Managing editor of twin weeklies, where I improved profit margin
General manager of weekly, moved from red to black
City editor, five-day daily
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