September 25, 2013

Let #Zuckerberg and #Effbook see my credit card?

I'd rot in hell before I'd let Marky Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook minions, with their constant changing of terms of use, privacy protection and more, keep my credit card info on their website for the "convenience" of Facebook auto-fill when buying something via Effbook, which I'd never do anyway.

Not a chance!

With a quick riff on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways ..."

How could he screw me? Let me count the ways.
Z'berg could screw me to depth, breadth and height 
My wallet be screwed, feeling rather light 
Privacy sadly lost in Facebook haste. 
He’d screw me, Zuckerberg, every day
He’d screw me, by sun and candlelight. 
He’d screw me freely, e’en in dark of night; 
He’d screw me purely, in many new way. 
Screw me with a passion he’d freely choose 
Give my money, unprotected, on faith? 
My magic card’s sixteen digits to lose 
With my lost info — I hate thee to death, 
Broke, hounded, hassled — as my pain accrues, 
I shall but loathe thee with my daily breath.

I mean, seriously, besides the possibility of Marky Mark losing my information (which I don't store for autofill ANYWHERE), I'm sure this is just a step to spamming me with Facebook Store come-ons.

Also, per the end of the blog piece, why would PayPal partner with Facebook on this? A few years from now, I can see a massive attack of regret.

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