September 24, 2013

4-H, brought to you courtesy of #KeystoneXL

Hey, kids! Learn to dig an oil pipeline across your neighbors' back yards as part of 4-H! From an Extension Service press release:

"October 6-12 is National 4-H Week, which culminates with 'one day 4-H' — a day of community service set for Oct. 12, said a Texas 4-H program coordinator. ...

"Toby Lepley, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service 4-H and youth development specialist ... aid this year’s one day 4-H efforts are being sponsored by TransCanada."


I see that our neighbors to the north, at least in the oil bidness, aren't so much kinder and gentler after all in the PR world. Will said sponsorship include teaching them how to email President Obama to OK KeystoneXL?

This is not quite as bad or blantant (yet, at least) as the Exxon Math and Science Academy, guaranteed not to teach kids the truth about climate change, but it's bad enough.

And,, beyond TransCanada, or ExxonMobil, this whole issue of sponsorship is problematic. Yes, both small-town Main Street businesses and bigger companies have contributed to nonprofit organizations for decades. But, they've never before talked about "sponsorship." I find this troubling.

I would find it troubling with a less controversial company than TransCanada.

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