August 09, 2013

#NationalGeographic jumps the shark, claims #AA has scientific proof

National Geographic has officially jumped the shark, claiming that science supports the 12-step model. Apparently, not only does NG not recognize that there's no real research supporting this, it's unaware of alternatives like Lifering Secular Recovery, SMART or SOS.

 Now, to make things look "sciency," it has, among people interviewed, not only the usual suspects of 12-step only rehab clinic owners, but the famous Andrew Newberg! Pop neuroscience in the name of religion leading to support for AA. Given that Newberg hasn't had the highest of scientific standards, but has a name for research, or "research," into neuroscience proving, or "proving," the value of religion, it's no wonder he's quoted.

At the same time, by his being quoted, it's proof that "spiritual but not religious"  actually is indeed religious, if we want to talk about what's being proven or not.

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